Lending Library

List of books available for loan from MK Peace & Justice Network

Undiscovered Ends- An autobiography: Bruce Kent

Punishing the Poor, the international isolation of Kampuchea: Eva Mysliwiec

World Disarmament, an idea whose time has come: editors Christopher Meredith & Ron Huzzard

Proclaiming Justice and Peace. Documents from John XXIII to John Paul II.

The Peace Book,108 simple ways to create a more peaceful world: Louise Diamond.

Wilderness of Mirrors: David C. Martin.

International Relations in a Changing World : Joseph Frankel

Why Nations Go To War : John G. Stoessinger

Apartheid’s Second Front, South Africa’s War against its neighbours: Joseph Hanlon

The Politics of Harold Wilson : Paul Foot

The Economics of Militarism : Dan Smith and Ron Smith

Debate on Disarmament: edited by Michael Clarke and Marjorie Mowlam. Essays.

A World Divided, Militarism and Development After the Cold War. Essays.

The Gift of Time: Jonathan Schell. The case for abolishing nuclear weapons now.

Men, Women and God essays edited by Kathy Keay.

Beyond Contradiction, Essays for Peace and Justice. Incl. Rowan Williams and Una Kroll.

No Turning Back: Lesbian and Gay Liberation for the ‘80s. Essays.

In Memoriam, The Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador.

The Shoeblack and the Sovereign, Reflections on ethics and foreign policy: George Walden

Zero Option by EP Thompson. Articles and speeches.

From Beirut to Jerusalem, A woman surgeon with the Palestinians: Dr Swee Chai Ang.

Children of the Siege: Dr Pauline Cutting in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut.

The Green Consumer Guide : John Elkington and Julia Hailes.

There are also a selection of pamphlets available from CND, NATO, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, CIIR, WDM etc.